From Award Winning Author Melissa J Cunningham
BOOK III of The Ransomed Souls Series

The Undoer

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They call it The Door to Hell. A blackened crater that never stops spewing up poisonous gas from the bowels of the Earth, but gas isn’t the only thing coming from that crater…


They slither out, those malevolent souls—demonic filth that wreak havoc and destroy lives. They don’t even pretend to hide…


Brecken, an ex-demon trying to find redemption, is given the task of closing The Door. A seemingly impossible task. A group of teens who call themselves Cazadors, will be his allies. These extraordinary youth can see the demons when no one else can, but Jag, their leader, wants nothing to do with Brecken.


Brecken must earn their confidence and defeat the demon horde infiltrating the Earth.

The Cazadors might not be much… but they are all the world has.

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