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Here's To The Man

This first post on my new webpage is dedicated to someone who probably doesn't even realize what an impact he has had on my writing career. I want to give him a shout out here!

Let's have a huge round of applause for J Scott Savage! I was reading his blog today and was so inspired that I am now writing a post for him! I wasn't even going to use this page as my normal blog since I already have one on blogspot, but how stupid not to use this space... blog right here on my website, right?

So... a long time ago, when I was a brand new writer, no contract in view, Jeff Savage promised me he would write a blurb for my book if I ever got published. It was a benign comment at a dinner with all the successful writers after a conference. (you may wonder how I got in on that and I can only say there was magic in the air!) Years later, he did good on his promise. He wrote a blurb for my book, The Eye of Tanub. He has no idea how much I adore him for this. And it's just the kind of guy he is. Even though he's been extremely successful, he never makes a novice feel like a novice. He never turns up his nose, acting like there's no time for peons. He wants everyone to be successful! For him, it's not a competition. He doesn't need to be the winner at the top, all by himself.

Long story short, I want to be Jeff when I grow up. May we all work with the same spirit, wanting to help eachother up the writing ladder, until we all reach the top together.

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