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Brain Power

Brain power is something I often think about. I have to. I have so little of it lately.

Many of you may or may not know I had Lyme Disease for a few years and that I'm barely recovering from it. It mainly affected my brain and still does as I heal. I makes thinking much harder than it used to be!

I quickly get tired of thinking and need to take breaks often, and there are times when I'm speaking that I just can't spit out my thought like I want to. It makes me feel stupid on occation, and more than a little frustrated.

This afternoon I was reading David Farland's kick in the pants email. I LOVE that newsletter. I learn so much, even though I've been writing for quite a few years now. With my brain issues, sometimes it feels like I'm learning things for the first time! Fun, right? Not so much.

Today he spoke about biorhythms. Knowing when the best time time of day is for your brain to write or edit. Our brains take naps. Mine takes a lot of naps! I have a well developed left brain, but my right brain still has issues. When it comes to being creative and writing something new, it can be tough. Give me a manuscript to edit any day. That's easy.

Even still, I cannot always follow the rule of biorhythms. My body just does not cooperate all the time, but for most fine folks, this works. The most important tip I can give is this. Find what works best for you. Your life is yours alone and you know better than anyone what you can do mentally, physcially and spiritually. At least, you should. If you don't, then work on that!

So, long story short. Find our what your rhythms are. Know your best time to write and your best times to edit... the best time to soak in a hot bathtub with a good book, and the best time to lie in bed and watch movies. Oh, wait. For me, that's all of the time!

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