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I love me some horror

When I look back over my favorites, I have to admit that a few of my top authors write horror. It's funny though, that I don't like horror movies. Just books. Top of the list would have to be Stephen King, although I like his earlier stuff the best--Thinner, The Talisman, 1408, The Bachman Books, Dream Catcher.

My next fav would be Dan Wells. He's rather new, so if you haven't had the chance to read any of his books, I HIGHLY recommend them! The I Am Not A Serial Killer Series, being fantastic! His books are YA (Young Adult) so it's great for teens and adults alike.

An oldie but goodie is the Interview With A Vampire series by Ann Rice.

I read that entire series twenty years ago and loved it so much I bought the whole thing for my sister. She does NOT love scary stories and I don't think she even read one of those books! What a waste of money! Here's an exhaustive list of all the greats here.

It's interesting that my love of horror hasn't poured over into my own books. I write suspense/paranormal, which is close, but not the same. Maybe one of these days I'll write me some good horror. We'll see.

Anywho, my challange for you all today is to read something new. If you've never read horror, pick one up. If you don't read romance, grab one of those, and I would even say, read a western if you're not accustomed. Lengthen your stride. Broaden your horizons--all that great cliche stuff. Try something new. You never know, you just might love it!

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