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Yes, you can order it now!

Let me just start out by saying the I hate the promotional side of being an author! Scrolling through stock photo site after stock photo site sends me over the edge! I would so love to just sit at my computer writing all day long. I've spent the entire day today looking for photos for promos and to make a trailer. I'd ready to pull my hair out, because, let's face it folks, computers make me crazy.

Yeah, I use one to write on, but that's easy.

So, here's the finished product I made today. Tell me what you think, and then be nice and go pre-order this awesome book I've written, because honestly, it's IS pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

The Undoer can also be read as a stand alone book. Not just as book III in the Ransomed Souls Series, so that make's it cool. The other thing that makes it great is that I wrote is as I was getting better! (from Lyme Disease) not getting worse, (which is how I wrote the first two of the series!) I AM still a little crazy, but not as bat-%#* crazy as I used to be.

This is one of my favorites, so I really hope you love it as much as I do!

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