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I cannot even tell you how excited I am to announce the cover reveal for my latest book, The Undoer!

It has been a long road to get this one published, and because I have been sick for the last few years, it seems to take me about a year and a half to finish one book! Thank you to all of my readers who wait patiently for the next installment to each book! You are loyal and freaking awesome! I love you! I really do. You help me to keep going, to keep writing. I LOVE creating and when a reader tells me they can't wait for my next book, that makes me write all the faster!

I have to say, it is my favorite by far of all the books I've written. I might even do a book 4! These characters have come alive for me and there is even a playlist for the three main characters! You'll love it!

Here's a little bit about it.

They call it The Door to Hell. It's a blackened crater that never stops spewing up poisonous gas. But gas isn't the only thing coming from the bowels of the Earth… They slither out, those malevolent souls—demonic filth that wreak havoc and destroy lives. They don't even pretend to hide…

Brecken, an ex-demon trying to find redemption, is given the task of closing The Door. It's a seemingly impossible task. A group of teens who call themselves Cazadors will be his allies. These extraordinary youth can see the demons when no one else can, but Jag, their leader, wants nothing to do with Brecken.

Brecken must earn their confidence and defeat the demon horde infiltrating the Earth. The Cazadors might not be much… but they are all the world has.


At that moment, Jag appears at the top of the stairs, holding onto both sides of the doorframe as though he needs it for balance. He’s out of breath and his lips are pulled back into a snarl. “Where is it?” He glares at each Cazador, searching their expressions accusingly. He stops on Heidi. “It was you, wasn’t it?”

“What?” Her eyes grow wide as though she knows exactly what he’s talking about.

“My spare runed blade. You took it.”

Jag looks every bit the predator, dressed in black, his lips pulled back in fury, ready to pounce. And Heidi is definitely the mouse. Trapped. Caught beneath his gigantic paw of accusation. I can tell from the guilty look on her face that she has what he’s looking for. This will not end well.

“Give it to me.” He stalks toward her with his hand out.

The brother in me takes over. This rage-driven boy, who looks ready to take her head off, is not going anywhere near my sister. I jump up and take a stance between them, my arms outstretched. “Hold on just a minute.”

“Get out of my way.” Jag knocks my arm away and plants himself before Heidi, practically growling. “Give it back.”

Heidi just stands there, her mouth working without any sound. Jag thrusts his hand forward, palm up. But she surprises me and shoves him back. “No. I have every right to it. I see the demons too. I am not going to sit home knitting while you all go hunting.”

“Okay, wait just a minute,” I say, trying to placate them.

“Shut up,” they both say in unison.

Okay. Fine. I’ll sit this one out, but if he dares lay even one finger on her…

Find the whole series on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks and anywhere else you can think of!

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