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What kind of successful author doesn't blog for three whole months? Good grief people! The kind I am, I guess. I just don't have time to blog! That sounds terrible but I'd much rather be writing great stories. I understand how fun it is to read posts from the authors I like though, so I'll do the same for you!

And just to have a cute pic to put up with this post, here is the most recent poster of all my book, made just this morning.

I have to admit, the hard thing is finding the time to fit everything in, writing, promotion, networking, editing, my critique group, editing their work... yada yada yada.

I don't know how anyone else does it, but I do promotional work only once a week. That's all the time I can dedicate toward it at the moment. Like I said, I'd rather be writing.

What I'd really like is a personal assistant that could help run giveaways, promotions, advertising etc... I'd love to have you on board. As it is, you'd have to work for free and for free access to my books. ;) If that is a job you're interested in, let me know!

Sometimes I look at other authors and wonder how they do it. Where do they find the time to be so involved? With facebook, twitter, instagram, smashwords etc... I want to be, and maybe in the future I will be, but because I still get tired (from the liver issues) and my brain gets tired after working too long, I have to take breaks. One of these days though, I'll be going gang busters, so watch out!

Until then, enjoy the stories I've published so far. They mean the world to me. They come from my heart and my crazy mind. They are worlds I like getting lost in and I hope you do too!

P.S. If you're curious who my favorite authors are, I have three new favorites. Sara Raash and her Snow Like Ashes series, Sarah J Maas and her Throne of Glass series, Victoria Aveyard and The Red Queen Series.

Check these authors out if you haven't (but read mine first!)

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